Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT)

Notifications for principal contractors

Contract notification

You should notify Revenue immediately after entering into a relevant contract with a subcontractor. Before submitting the contract notification, you must get, and keep, documentary evidence proving the identity of the subcontractor.

The information on the contract notification should include:

  • details of the subcontractor
  • details of the contract
  • and
  • a declaration that the contract is not a contract of employment.

On submitting a contract notification, you will receive a Site Identifier Number (SIN) for the site or project. The SIN is created when you enter the site or project name and address in the Revenue Online Service (ROS). We will notify all subcontractors of the SIN on their contract confirmation letter. You must use this SIN for all contracts that you submit to us relating to that site or project.

How to access a Contract notification in ROS.

Payment notification

Before you make a payment to a subcontractor, you must notify Revenue of the gross amount of the intended payment.

When you submit a payment notification, you will receive a notification in your ROS inbox. This notification includes the details of the amount of tax, if any, that you must deduct from the payment. This is known as the deduction authorisation. If you must deduct tax from the payment, you must give the details of the deduction authorisation to the subcontractor.

How to access a RCT payment notification in ROS.

Post-payment notification

You may be unable to notify Revenue of a payment on time due to technical difficulties. If you notify us after making the payment, this is known as a post-payment notification. When you are completing a post-payment notification, you will have to choose options from a drop-down menu list. These options allow you to choose the technological failure that prevented you from submitting the notification before you made the payment. The options in the list are:

  • power failure
  • ROS unavailable
  • local digi-cert issue
  • local Information and Communications Technology (ICT) hardware failure
  • local ICT third party software failure
  • local ICT operating system failure
  • local java system failure
  • and
  • local broadband failure.

Depending on the option selected, you may also need to provide the following information:

  • power failure - details of your electrical supplier
  • local ICT third party software failure - details of that software supplier
  • or
  • local broadband failure - details of your broadband supplier.

How to access a RCT Postpayment notification in ROS.

Deduction summary or return

Revenue create a deduction summary based on your payment notifications. This summary lists payments submitted to us and the total RCT you are due to pay. We will make this available to you in ROS shortly after the end of the return period.

The deduction summary will cover either one month, if you file monthly, or three months, if you file quarterly.

You should check the deduction summary to ensure that you have included all payments and that the amounts are correct. If everything is correct, you do not need to do anything else. This will be your return for the period.

You may make amendments to the summary before the 23rd of the month.

Tax deductions made must be paid to us by the 23rd of the month which follows the return period.

Please see RCT Deduction summary in ROS.

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