Monthly direct debit

Local Property Tax (LPT)

Revenue collects direct debit payments for LPT on the fifteenth day of the month, or the nearest working day. You can not select a different deduction date. The amount of your direct debit will be your annual LPT liability, divided by the remaining months of the year.

Setting up an LPT direct debit

You can set up an LPT direct debit for your property by accessing LPT online. To do this, you will need a Property ID and PIN for your property.

You can also manage your LPT direct debits through myAccount. You will not need the Property ID and PIN to do this.

Our dedicated team on the direct debit helpline are available to help you with set up.

Amending an LPT direct debit

You cannot amend or suspend an LPT direct debit. However, you can change your bank account details through LPT online or MyAccount.

Cancelling an LPT direct debit

You can cancel your direct debit for LPT through LPT online or myAccount.

If you decide to cancel your direct debit for LPT, you must select another payment option instead.

LPT returns

If you are a direct debit customer, your return and your direct debit instruction will carry forward each year.

We will send a confirmation letter before the first direct debit is collected showing the monthly amount if:

  • you create a direct debit
  • you amend a direct debit
  • your Local Authority changes the rate they charge for LPT.

Missed or unpaid LPT direct debit payments

Your bank may return your payment as ‘unpaid’. If it does we will send a letter to inform you that the payment was unsuccessful.

It is your responsibility to pay the missed payment. You can pay the missed payment by:

You can also cancel your current direct debit instruction and set up a new one to include the cancelled payment.

We may remove you from the direct debit scheme when direct debits are unpaid.

LPT direct debit payments for multiple property owners

You can set up a direct debit to pay for several properties in one monthly deduction. You can manage the direct debit for those properties through LPT online or myAccount.

You may sell one of your properties. If you do, you will need to cancel your current direct debit instruction and set up a new one for the remaining properties.

LPT arrears

You can pay LPT that was due in a previous year by direct debit. Each of the years must be set up separately and have its own payment instruction.

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