Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme (TBESS)

How much can a business claim

A limit of €10,000 applies to the total payments that a qualifying business can claim for each claim period.

Where a person carries on more than one trade or profession, a monthly limit of €10,000 applies to each qualifying business.

If your business has separate electricity and gas accounts, the limit of the eligible costs applies to both energy accounts.

Businesses with more than one electricity account

The €10,000 limit can be increased where a qualifying business:

  • operates across multiple locations
  • and
  • has more than one electricity account.

The monthly limit can increase by €10,000 per electricity account, subject to an overall monthly limit of €30,000 per qualifying business. Each electricity account must have its own unique MPRN identifier, with each MPRN having a separate electricity supply address.

Your business may have more than one electricity account and may be eligible for the increased limit. In this case the limit will apply, for both electricity and natural gas costs.

The increased limit will not apply where multiple electricity accounts are located:

  • at the same electricity supply address
  • or
  • adjacent to each other.

Temporary Crisis Framework (TCF)

The total amount of relief that a single undertaking may claim under section 2.1 of the TCF is €2 million This includes relief claimed under the TBESS.

The limit is €250,000 in the case of farmers and €300,000 in the case of fishery and aquaculture sectors. 

For more information on what is a ‘single undertaking’ please see the next page. 

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