Revenue eBrief No. 185/20

09 October 2020

ROS Pay and File 2020

The Pay and File deadline for ROS customers is Thursday 10 December 2020, provided you file the 2019 Form 11 return and make the appropriate payment through ROS for:

  • Preliminary Tax for 2020, and  
  • Income Tax balance due for 2019.

Where only one of these actions is completed through ROS, the extension does not apply and the required date to submit returns and payments is 31 October 2020.  

Tax and Duty Manuals (TDMs) Part 38-06-01 Revenue Online Service (ROS) and Part 38-06-01a ROS Pay and File useful Tips, have been updated.

TDM Part 38-06-01a contains useful tips to assist customers and agents to comply with their ROS Pay and File obligations, including information on: 

  • Deadline for filing, self assessment and payment
  • Preliminary tax 2020 – calculation and payment
  • CGT return and self-assessment
  • CAT (IT38) return deadline
  • PAYE (Form 12) return deadline
  • Help in completing your 2019 Form 11
  • Tips in accessing and using ROS
  • Tips for ROS payments and refunds
  • Tips for filing your 2019 Form 11
  • ROS Offline
  • Contact Details

TDM Part 38-06-01 has updated information on the new layout of the Statement of Net Liabilities (SNL) and the Revenue Receipts Tracker App.