Revenue eBrief No. 165/21

02 September 2021

Stamp duty: sections 31E (10% rate of duty) and 83E (refund scheme) and miscellaneous minor TDM amendments.

Stamp Duty Tax & Duty Manuals (TDMs) have been published for the new sections 31E and 83E SDCA 1999 (introduced by the Finance (Covid-19 and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2021.

A TDM has been published on Section-31E, which charges a higher 10% rate of duty on the acquisition of certain residential property where a person acquires at least 10 residential units during any 12-month period. 

A TDM has been published on Section 83E, which provides for a refund scheme in relation to stamp duty paid at the rate of 10% where a residential unit is subsequently leased, for a term of at least 10 years, to a local authority or an approved  housing body for the provision of social housing.

TDM section 81C - Farm consolidation relief - has been amended in section 4.2 to advise that refund claims must be submitted online.

TDM Part 04-02-03 - Recognised Stock Exchanges - has been amended by adding a new section 1.13 that includes section 90 SDCA in the list of sections that contain a reference to a “recognised stock exchange”. This addition does not reflect any change to the operation of section 90.