Revenue eBrief No. 219/21

29 November 2021

Local property tax: income tax, corporation tax and capital gains tax surcharge

Tax and Duty Manual Part 07-02 - Surcharge (income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax) - sets out the surcharge that can be imposed for non-compliance with the filing of Local Property Tax (LPT) returns and the payment of LPT liabilities. The manual has been updated to take account of:

  • the reduction in the size of the cap on the surcharge from 100% to 50% of the LPT liability where a person becomes fully LPT-compliant, and
  • the eBrief issued on 12 November 2021 stating that the late filing of an LPT return after the 10 November 2021 filing date (extended from 7 November) would not generate a surcharge for the income tax Form 11 return for the year 2020.