Revenue eBrief No. 169/23

24 July 2023

Irish Real Estate Funds (IREF) Guidance Note and IREF Declarations

Tax and Duty Manual ("TDM") Part 27-01b-02 IREF Guidance Note and TDM Part Part 27-02b-01 IREF Declarations have been updated to make reference to the following:

  • Pan-European Pension Product ("PEPP") provisions introduced by section 21 of Finance Act 2022; and
  • All current Approved Minimum Retirement Funds (AMRFs) effectively became Approved Retirement Funds (ARFs) as of 1 January 2022, following the Finance Act 2021 amendments to the AMRF legislation.

In addition, TDM Part 27-02b-01 IREF Declarations has been updated;

  • to request supporting documentation evidencing the equivalent nature of an entity where appropriate;
  • to request additional baseline information where appropriate;
  • to remove detailed guidance regarding the transitional arrangements that were in place to assist with the introduction of the IREF declaration process, but which are now expired.