Acquisitions from other EU Member States

What information on your ICAs must you submit to Revenue?

You must return details of all intra-Community acquisitions (ICAs) in your Value-Added Tax (VAT) 3 return. VAT must be charged at the appropriate Irish VAT rate in the T1 (sales) box. 

You may reclaim the VAT in the T2 (purchases) box, assuming the purchase is deductible for VAT purposes.

The value of the goods acquired must be included in the E2 (ICAs) box.

You must also include details of your ICAs in your annual Return of Trading Details (RTD) form.

When is VAT due on an ICA?

VAT becomes due on:

  • the date of issue of the invoice


  • if no invoice issues, on the 15th day of the month following the acquisition.

The VAT is payable in the VAT return for the taxable period that corresponds to the date when VAT becomes due.

The VAT is assessed on the price charged for the goods. If the supplier’s invoice is in a foreign currency, the rate of exchange applicable when the VAT becomes due should be used.

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