Export Repayment Scheme

VRT repayment amount enquiry

You can check the VRT calculator for an amount of Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) that may be repayable.

The calculator does not identify individual cars so it will not take into consideration any prior repayments on your car.

The National Car Testing Service Centre (NCTS) will, as part of the examination, check if any repayments have issued previously. These repayments will be taken into consideration when calculating the amount of VRT repayable.

On the day of your vehicle's examination, please confirm that your vehicle's value exceeds the minimum qualifying amount of €2,000. This can be done by using the VRT calculator. Customers should note that the VRT refunded will not exceed the original VRT paid at registration.

After 1 January 2016, interest will also be repaid on top of the repayable amount. The interest will be calculated at the time of the approval of the export repayment claim.

There is a €100 administration charge payable that is deducted from the amount of VRT repayable.

The NCTS website has information on their charge for the examination of the car and documentation required.

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