Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT)

Registering machinery

Certain mobile machines are not required to be registered. These include mobile machines which are not:

  • a means of transport for either goods or passengers
  • and
  • are not based on a conventional truck chassis.

Examples include:

  • road roller
  • road planer
  • road paver
  • back-hoe loader
  • digging machine
  • large mobile cranes
  • self-propelled mobile access platform (cherry picker – non-vehicle mounted).

Machinery which must be registered

A vehicle described as mobile machinery, but on a conventional truck chassis, is required to be registered. If there is Certificate of Conformity relating to a vehicle, it is subject to EU type-approval. Any vehicle subject to EU type-approval is required to be registered. The normal registration procedure applies.

The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) should be contacted if a CoC is not available from the original manufacturer.

Concessionary registration of self-propelled mobile machinery

Self-propelled mobile machinery which is not required to be registered may be registered by concession. In general, a registration request for a mobile machine follows the normal registration procedure. However, a CoC will not be available.

If a mobile machine is new, a registration request must include:

  • a Declaration of Conformity under the Machinery Directive
  • and
  • a declaration from the manufacturer or distributor that the machine meets the requirements of the Road Traffic Regulations.

Mobile Machinery must comply with: 

Machinery that comes within the scope of the Non-Road Mobile Machinery Directive must have the relevant DOC relating to the emissions.

If the vehicle has been used, but not registered, the documents outlined above are still required. A year index will be assigned based on the date of first entry into use.

If used and previously registered, the foreign registration document is required.

Presentation of self-propelled mobile machinery

All mobile machinery is required to be brought to the appointment at the NCTS centre, except for the following:

  • mobile machinery over 5 tonnes
  • mobile cranes
  • bulldozers
  • dumpers
  • construction machinery.

Please confirm that a vehicle does not need to physically be presented at the centre when making an appointment.

Photographs of the particular machinery item, including the VIN number, must be supplied.