Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT)

Who is exempt from DIRT?

You can receive interest without paying DIRT (DIRT-free account) in certain conditions. To do this, you must complete a declaration form stating that you, your spouse or civil partner, are:

  • 65 years of age or over when making the declaration. Your total income for the year, including the interest, must be below the annual exemption limit
  • permanently incapacitated due to a physical or mental disability
  • or
  • in receipt of a general payment and work-related payment, if applicable, under the Mother and Baby Institutions Payment Scheme (MBIPS).

If you are a trustee of a special trust for permanently incapacitated individuals, you can apply for an exemption from DIRT. You must be the holder of this account. The trust must meet the following conditions:

  1. It is set up only for the benefit of one or more permanently incapacitated persons.
  2. The funds of the trust are from subscriptions given by the general public.
  3. The specified incapacitated person(s) must own the funds in the account.

DIRT is not charged on interest from the accounts of:

  • individuals who:
    • are not resident in Ireland
    • have completed a non-resident declaration
    • do not pay tax in Ireland
    • and
    • do not have a joint account with an Irish resident.
  • companies that pay Corporation Tax
  • Revenue-approved pension schemes
  • Pan-European Personal Pension Product Providers (on completion of a declaration)
  • or
  • charities.

Forms to complete

If you are over 65 years of age, complete a Form DE1 and send it to your financial institution.

If you are permanently incapacitated, complete a Form DE2 and send it to your Revenue Office. We will tell your financial institution that you are exempt from paying DIRT.

If you are in receipt of a general payment or applicable work related payment, under the MBIPS, complete a Form DE3. You should send the Form DE3 to your Revenue Office. We will tell your financial institution that you are exempt from paying DIRT.

If you are a Pan-European Personal Pension Product Provider, complete a Pan European Personal Pension Product Declaration.

You will need a separate form for each account you hold.

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