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Revenue is recruiting.

Administrative Officers (Audit and Compliance) - Nationwide

Excellent opportunities for graduates to build a career in Revenue, working in a wide variety of tax and customs areas, including:

  • Tax and customs audits and investigations.
  • Contributing to the development of tax and customs policy and drafting legislation for its implementation.
  • Research using data science, analytics and statistical analysis to assist in increasing taxpayer compliance and to improve Revenue’s services.
  • International taxation (including transfer pricing) and tax aspects of EU membership.

See Information booklet for more details.

We would encourage candidates to complete Revenues job preview in advance of registering for this competition.  Completion of this job preview will provide candidates with a realistic insight into the role.  This is not an assessment and candidates can take this job preview anonymously and receive feedback on their potential fit for the role of an Administrative Officer in Audit and Compliance in Revenue.

An initial application will be required through registration, register here:

Administrative Officers (Information and Communications Technology (ICT)) - Dublin and Limerick

Graduate opportunities to join a team as a software developer with one of Ireland’s recognised business technology leaders working in the following areas:

  • Software development on complex bespoke frameworks and business applications including Revenue’s On-Line Services (ROS).
  • Service oriented architecture development and database administration.
  • Support for the development of ICT strategic and operational policy including input to the overarching eGovernment, information sharing and shared services agenda, conformance to international standards and benchmarks.

See Information booklet for more details.

An initial application will be required through registration, register here: 

The closing date for these competitions is 1pm on Thursday 11 October 2018.

Revenue Internship Programme for Third Level Students 2019

Revenue will have Internship opportunities in the following areas:

  • Information and Communications Technology(ICT)
  • Economic Research
  • Tax Audit and Compliance.

To register your interest, please click on the following link:

Please note the deadline for registering your interest is Wednesday 31st Oct 2018.

Revenue is an Equal Opportunities Employer.