New Computerised Transit System – Phase 5 (NCTS-P5)


Revenue will introduce the next phase of our transit system, NCTS-P5, on 30 November 2023. NCTS-P5 aligns our electronic transit declaration system with the legal requirements legislated for in the Union Customs Code (UCC).


  • facilitates the registration of ‘en route’ events
  • and
  • implements a new data set and allows for the exchange of messages electronically between different declaration systems.

NCTS-P5 will replace the current NCTS-P4 system.


There will be a migration window of three months for the trade to move from NCTS-P4 to NCTS-P5. From 29 February 2024, it will no longer be possible to lodge transit declarations into NCTS-P4.

Key dates

Traders and software providers should note the following key dates:

  • Traders specifications (published August 2022).
  • Public Interface Test (PIT) environment (available since the end of April 2023).
  • NCTS-P5 (go live 30 November 2023).

NCTS-P5 trader guides

You will find the relevant information and specifications for software providers and traders on how to set up Information Technology (IT) systems in NCTS-P5 trader guides.

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