Preferential and non-preferential origin

Supplier's declaration

A supplier’s declaration is supporting evidence for an application for origin certification. Suppliers provide these declarations to exporters, stating the origin of their products.

Long-term supplier’s declaration

You can use a single supplier’s declaration to cover several shipments of goods where:

  • the supplier regularly supplies you with goods
  • and
  • the preferential origin is expected to be the same for a considerable period of time.

The supplier's declaration forms are available in Related forms. The European Commission has published guidelines on the application in the European Union of the provisions concerning the supplier's declaration - see Guidance on the Supplier's Declaration.

Form INF 4

The INF 4 is a form issued by a Customs authority in the European Union (EU) which confirms the authenticity of a supplier’s declaration. The INF 4 is made up of an application form and a certificate. Application can be made by either a buyer or a Customs office within the EU. The INF 4 form is available in Related forms.

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