Prohibitions and restrictions

A limited range of goods are prohibited or restricted at import and export. The following are the main categories of goods affected:

  • domestic cats or dogs
  • illegal or dangerous drugs
  • indecent or obscene goods
  • certain foodstuffs, mainly meat, milk, fish or products thereof
  • products of endangered species
  • protected items of international heritage
  • medicines
  • firearms, weapons, fireworks or explosives
  • live or dead animals, fish, birds or plants.

You will find a full list of prohibited and restricted goods in Information on prohibitions and restrictions. It also contains details of licences, permits and authorisations that you will need to import or export these goods.

You will find guidelines about the importation and exportation of prohibited and restricted products in Customs prohibitions and restrictions.

Further information

If you require further information, please contact Customs.