Temporary admission of professional equipment

  1. Overview
  2. Rules on temporary admission of professional equipment
  3. Examples of professional equipment

Rules on temporary admission of professional equipment

There are general rules for temporary admission with regard to:

  • the goods remaining unchanged
  • identification
  • security
  • the time allowed
  • the import and re-export procedures
  • prohibitions and restrictions.

In addition to the general rules, the following rules apply to professional equipment:

  • It must be owned by a person established outside the European Union (EU).
  • It must be imported either by:
    • a person established outside the EU
    • or 
    • an employee of the owner of the equipment. This employee may be established in the EU.
  • It can only be used by the importer or under their supervision. This does not apply to cases of audio-visual co-productions.
  • You cannot use the temporary admission procedure to import equipment used for the following:
    • industrial manufacture or packaging of goods
    • exploitation of natural resources (except hand-tools)
    • construction, repair or maintenance of buildings (except hand-tools)
    • for earth moving and like projects (except hand-tools).

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