Completing a Corrective Affidavit (CA26)

When do you use a CA26?

You may have made an error when filling out the Inland Revenue Affidavit (CA24) which you need to correct. You can do this in limited circumstances by filing two copies of a Corrective Affidavit (CA26) with the Probate Office.

In which conditions should you submit a CA26?

You should only submit a CA26 in order to amend material errors or omissions in your original CA24. It should not cover events that happened after the date of death, such as where a property’s value is reduced. Fluctuations in the property market are not considered to be material errors.

Examples of material omissions or errors where you can submit a CA26 are:

  • where you need to add property that was previously unknown to your solicitor or personal representative who submitted your CA24
  • if you included a property in the original CA24 which does not form part of the estate of the deceased.

You should submit the form with supporting documentation to show the need for the correction.