October 2021

26 October 2021
Revenue eBrief No.198/21 - Charities VAT Compensation Scheme

Revenue seize alcohol and cigarettes in Dublin: total value of seizures over €200,000

25 October 2021
Revenue seize 9.2 million cigarettes at Dublin Port

22 October 2021
Revenue eBrief No.196/21 - Mandatory Disclosure Guidance Notes

Revenue eBrief No.197/21 - myAccount User Manual

21 October 2021
Revenue eBrief No.191/21 - Tax Clearance for Standards in Public Office (SIPO) Applicants

Revenue eBrief No.192/21 - Income Tax Return Form 2020 - ROS Form 11

Revenue eBrief No.193/21 - Capital Acquisitions Tax Collection and Enforcement Guidelines

Revenue eBrief No.194/21 - Form 1 (IREF) 2020 Filing Deadline Extension

Revenue eBrief No.195/21 - Central Register of Beneficial Ownership of Trusts

20 October 2021
Revenue eBrief No.190/21 - ROS Pay and File 2021

19 October 2021
Revenue seize drugs worth over €294,000 in Athlone

18 October 2021
Revenue seize cigarettes and tobacco worth over €41,000 in Cork

ROS availability

15 October 2021
Revenue eBrief No.189/21 - Receipts Tracker in myAccount and ROS

Warning: Bogus phone calls

14 October 2021
Revenue eBrief No.187/21 - Budget 2022 – Excise Duty Rates

Revenue eBrief No.188/21 - Inward Processing - goods imported from the UK for repair

12 October 2021
Revenue eBrief No.185/21 - Outward Processing - goods sent to the UK for repair

Revenue eBrief No.186/21 - Allowances and Reliefs for individuals over 65 and individuals caring for those over 65

11 October 2021
Revenue eBrief No.183/21 - Stamp duty: 10% rate of duty charged on the acquisition of multiple residential units

Revenue eBrief No.184/21 - Filing Guidelines for DAC6 (EU Mandatory Disclosure of Reportable Cross-Border Arrangements)

08 October 2021
Revenue seize herbal cannabis worth over €1.18 million in Kilkenny

07 October 2021
Revenue eBrief No.181/21 - ROS Support for the 2021 Pay and File Period, Extended Opening Hours and Income Tax Warehousing

Revenue eBrief No.182/21 - Procedures for Personal Insolvency Caseworking

06 October 2021
Revenue eBrief No.180/21 - Referring Cases to Dedicated Enforcement Unit

Revenue seize over 3 million cigarettes at Rosslare Europort

05 October 2021
Revenue seize 460,000 cigarettes at Dublin Port

04 October 2021
Revenue confirms new Customs Import System now being used by all relevant businesses

September 2021

27 September 2021
Revenue eBrief No.178/21 - ROS Form CT1 2021 - the CT return for accounting periods ending in 2021

Revenue eBrief No.179/21 - Local property tax: exemptions and reliefs

23 September 2021
Revenue eBrief No.177/21 - TDM on Tax Exemption and Marginal Relief updated

21 September 2021
Revenue seize 300,000 cigarettes at Dublin Airport

20 September 2021
Revenue eBrief No.176/21 - Exemption in respect of fuel grant

17 September 2021
Revenue launches 2022 Local Property Tax (LPT) campaign

Revenue seize 'roll your own' tobacco worth over €197,000 at Rosslare Europort

16 September 2021
Revenue eBrief No.175/21 - Revenue Job Assist

Revenue seize cash and tobacco in Rosslare and Dublin

15 September 2021
Revenue eBrief No.173/21 - Guidelines for the application of Section 108B VAT Consolidation Act 2010

Revenue eBrief No.174/21 - Guidelines for the application of Section 108C VAT Consolidation Act 2010

14 September 2021
Revenue publishes list of tax defaulters

10 September 2021
Reminder - Share Schemes filing obligation (Form ESA)

Revenue eBrief No.172/21 - Pensions - notification of absences or secondments

09 September 2021
Revenue eBrief No.171/21 - Revenue officers entering construction sites

08 September 2021
Revenue seize 864,000 cigarettes at Dublin Port

07 September 2021
Revenue eBrief No.170/21 - Guide to Capital Acquisitions Tax Compliance Interventions

06 September 2021
Revenue confirms eligible businesses can now register and make a claim for the Business Resumption Support Scheme

Revenue eBrief No.169/21 - Section 110 companies

Revenue seize drugs worth €34,000 in Galway

Revenue seize drugs worth over €144,000 at Dublin Mail Centre

02 September 2021
Revenue eBrief No.165/21 - Stamp duty: sections 31E (10% rate of duty) and 83E (refund scheme) and miscellaneous minor TDM amendments

Revenue eBrief No.166/21 - Control of Waste Shipments

Revenue eBrief No.167/21 - Provisions Relating to Residence of Individuals

Revenue eBrief No.168/21 - Customs Import Procedures Manual

Warning: Latest email scam

01 September 2021
Career opportunities

Revenue eBrief No.164/21 - Exchange Traded Funds

Warning: Latest SMS (text message) scam

August 2021

31 August 2021
Revenue confirms high numbers of employers have confirmed their eligibility for EWSS

Revenue eBrief No.163/21 - Share Schemes filing obligation (Form ESA) - extension of filing deadline

26 August 2021
Revenue eBrief No.162/21 - The Employers' Guide to PAYE

24 August 2021
Revenue eBrief No.161/21 - Common Reporting Standard (DAC2-CRS) - Passive NFEs with Controlling Persons in Multiple Jurisdictions

23 August 2021
Revenue seized 320,000 cigarettes at Rosslare Europort

20 August 2021
Revenue eBrief No.160/21 - Charities and sports bodies on-line applications for tax exemption

Revenue seize 'roll your own' tobacco worth over €690,000 at Rosslare Europort

19 August 2021
Revenue eBrief No.159/21 - Artists Exemption

18 August 2021
Revenue seize drugs worth €144,000 in Ballymun, Dublin

Revenue seize drugs worth €276,000 in Dublin Airport

16 August 2021
Revenue seize herbal cannabis worth over €51,000 in Co. Cavan

13 August 2021
Revenue seize drugs worth over €49,000 in Dublin

12 August 2021
Revenue seize tobacco worth over €700,000 at Dublin Port

11 August 2021
Revenue eBrief No.158/21 - Self-assessment – early filing and filing on ROS

09 August 2021
Revenue seize drugs worth over €2 million in Dublin

06 August 2021
Revenue eBrief No.156/21 - Pension Scheme Approval - Administrative Matters

Revenue eBrief No.157/21 - Transborder Workers Relief

Revenue seize heroin worth €12.3 million at Rosslare Europort

05 August 2021
Revenue eBrief No.154/21 - Manual on the Control and Examination of Baggage updated

Revenue eBrief No.155/21 - Customs Temporary Admission Procedure

Revenue seize 7.2 million cigarettes at Dublin Port

Revenue seize drugs worth over €100,000 in Dublin Mail Centre

04 August 2021
Revenue eBrief No.153/21 - Tax Relief for Health Expenses

03 August 2021
Revenue eBrief No.151/21 - Administration and Control of Tax Warehouses Manual (Part 2 Breweries,Microbreweries and Cider Manufacturers)

Revenue eBrief No.152/21 - Research Services Carried out by Third Level Educational Bodies