July 2021

29 July 2021
Revenue eBrief No.146/21 - eCG50 - Guide for Applicants

Revenue eBrief No.147/21 - Seafarer Allowance and Fisher Tax Credit

Revenue seize drugs worth over €43,000 in Dublin

28 July 2021
Revenue eBrief No.145/21 - Full self assessment - time limits for making enquiries and making or amending assessments

ROS availability

27 July 2021
Revenue eBrief No.143/21 - Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) - registration procedure and reporting obligations for intermediaries

Revenue eBrief No.144/21 - Central Register of Beneficial Ownership of Trusts

Revenue reminds businesses of key supports available as the economy continues to reopen

22 July 2021
Revenue deploys new mobile container scanner to target smuggling

Revenue seize over 1.6 million cigarettes in Dublin

Revenue seize tobacco worth over €2.4 million at Dublin Port

20 July 2021
Revenue eBrief No.142/21 - Filing Guidelines for DAC6 (EU Mandatory Disclosure of Reportable Cross-Border Arrangements)

19 July 2021
Revenue eBrief No.141/21 - Games and sports bodies exemptions

Revenue seize cannabis worth over €133,000 in Blanchardstown

16 July 2021
Revenue eBrief No.140/21 - PAYE Exclusion Orders

Revenue provides important information to employers on the continued operation of EWSS

Revenue seize tobacco and cigarettes worth €7.3 million at Dublin Port

15 July 2021
Revenue eBrief No.139/21 - Non-Routine Revenue Powers

Revenue seize 10.5 million cigarettes at Dublin Port

14 July 2021
Warning: Latest SMS (text message) scam

13 July 2021
Revenue eBrief No.138/21 - Tax and Duty Manual Part 33-03-04 - Filing Guidelines for DAC6 (EU Mandatory Disclosure of Reportable Cross-Border Arrangements)

12 July 2021
Revenue eBrief No.137/21 - Filing and Paying Stamp Duty on Instruments

Revenue seize cannabis herb worth over €2 million in Dublin and Wexford

Warning: Bogus phone calls

09 July 2021
Revenue eBrief No.136/21 - Payments on Termination of an Office or Employment or Removal from an Office or Employment

08 July 2021
Revenue eBrief No.135/21 - Part 38-04-06 - Statement of Affairs in audit and investigation

Revenue seize cigarettes and tobacco worth over €3.4 Million at Dublin Port

07 July 2021
Revenue seize tobacco worth over €7.7 Million at Dublin Port

06 July 2021
Revenue eBrief No.133/21 - Income tax return form 2020 - ROS Form 11

05 July 2021
Career opportunities

Revenue eBrief No.132/21 - VAT Treatment of Intra-Community Distance Sales of Goods

Revenue eBrief No.134/21 - Representative Church Body - Cost of Living Accommodation Allowance

01 July 2021
Revenue eBrief No.130/21 - Customs Manual on Import VAT

Revenue eBrief No.131/21 - Growth Shares

Revenue Update: 6 months post-Brexit

June 2021

30 June 2021
New VAT rules for goods bought from non-EU countries come into effect

29 June 2021
Revenue eBrief No.128/21 - Pensions Manual Updated

Revenue eBrief No.129/21 - Euroclear Manual

28 June 2021
Revenue seize cannabis worth €760,000 at Rosslare Europort

25 June 2021
Revenue eBrief No.127/21 - Mineral Oil Traders Excise Licences Manual

Revenue seize 100,000 cigarettes at Dublin Airport

24 June 2021
Revenue eBrief No.126/21 - VAT eCommerce Rules - 1 July 2021

23 June 2021
Revenue eBrief No.123/21 - Form ESA now available for download from Revenue website

Revenue eBrief No.125/21 - Guidelines for the Exchange of Information between the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE) and the Revenue Commissioners

21 June 2021
Revenue eBrief No.122/21 - Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) On-line Payments in ROS and MyAccount

Revenue seize over 61,000 cigarettes in Cork

20 June 2021
Revenue eBrief No.120/21 - Updated Share Schemes Manual and New Share Schemes Reporting Return (Form ESA)

Revenue eBrief No.121/21 - Approved Profit Sharing Schemes (APSS)

18 June 2021
Revenue eBrief No.119/21 - Customs treatment of gifts and items of negligible value

Revenue seize tobacco worth over €2.4 million at Dublin Port

15 June 2021
Revenue eBrief No.118/21 - ePSWT implementation

Revenue publishes list of tax defaulters

11 June 2021
Revenue eBrief No.117/21 - Irish Real Estate Fund (IREF) July 2021 filings - updated Form IREF available

10 June 2021
Revenue eBrief No.114/21 - Surcharge on undistributed income of service companies

Revenue eBrief No.115/21 - Capital Acquisitions Tax - Collection and Enforcement Guidelines

Revenue eBrief No.116/21 - High-Income Individuals' Restriction

Revenue seize drugs worth over €200,000 at Dublin Mail Centre

09 June 2021
Revenue eBrief No.113/21 - Married Persons and Civil Partnerships

05 June 2021
Revenue seize €181,000 cash at Rosslare Europort

03 June 2021
Revenue implement changes to provide CRSS enhanced restart week payment

02 June 2021
Revenue eBrief No.111/21 - Guide to Economic Operators Registration Identification registration in ROS (EORI Registration)

Revenue eBrief No.112/21 - Recoupment of Overpayments of Salary by an Employer from an Employee

Successful engagement between Revenue and business allows for ending of temporary ENS easement

01 June 2021
Warning: Latest email scam

May 2021

31 May 2021
Revenue reminds consumers of upcoming VAT rule changes for goods bought from non-EU countries

28 May 2021
Revenue eBrief No.110/21 - Pensions Manual Updated

27 May 2021
Revenue seize drugs worth €305,200 in Athlone

26 May 2021
Revenue confirm Debt Warehousing Scheme still in operation as businesses reopen

Revenue eBrief No.109/21 - Charities VAT Compensation Scheme - reminder of closing date for submission of claims

21 May 2021
Revenue eBrief No.108/21 - Ship's Stores Manual

Revenue seize 1.5 million cigarettes in Newcastle, Co Dublin

19 May 2021
Revenue eBrief No.107/21 - Exemption from Income Tax in respect of certain payments made under Employment Law

18 May 2021
Revenue eBrief No. 105/21 - SARP

Revenue eBrief No.106/21 - Filing Guidelines for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA

Revenue seize cocaine worth €812,000 in Naas, Co. Kildare

17 May 2021
Revenue eBrief No. 103/21 - New Share Schemes Reporting Return

Revenue eBrief No. 104/21 - Form P11D

14 May 2021
Revenue eBrief No. 101/21 - ePSWT implementation

Revenue eBrief No. 102/21 - Agent's Guide to Collector-General's Division

13 May 2021
Revenue eBrief No. 100/21 - Euroclear Manual

12 May 2021
Revenue eBrief No. 099/21 - Movement of Excisable Products

11 May 2021
Revenue eBrief No. 098/21 - Guidelines for Working Foreign Cases

10 May 2021
Revenue eBrief No. 097/21 - Payment of Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme (TWSS) liabilities by employers for self-assessed employees and proprietary directors

07 May 2021
Revenue eBrief No. 095/21 - Guidelines for Phased Payment Arrangements

Revenue eBrief No. 096/21 - VAT and Employer Income Tax/PRSI/USC/LPT Direct Debit Guidelines

Revenue update: claiming CRSS 'Restart Week' as public health restrictions ease

06 May 2021
Revenue seize drugs worth €72,000 in Dublin

05 May 2021
Revenue eBrief No. 094/21 - Solid Fuel Carbon Tax Compliance Procedures Manual

04 May 2021
Revenue eBrief No. 091/21 - Horticultural Repayment Relief Guide

Revenue eBrief No. 092/21 - Accounting for Mineral Oil Tax Manual

Revenue eBrief No. 093/21 - Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)