Stamp Duty on the Revenue Online Service (ROS)

You can do the following on ROS:

For filing a return in order to stamp an instrument, there are two help guides.

The guide to  Completing a Stamp Duty return online contains screenshots for a typical return and explains:

  • How to complete a return for various types of transfers.
  • How to claim an exemption or relief on a return.
  • Various Local Property Tax (LPT) issues.
  • What to do when the return does not provide sufficient space to insert details of all the folio numbers, vendors, purchasers or properties.
  • What to do if you have completed the return offline but, when you try to upload it, the system looks for the tax type. This happens is a small number of cases.

Whether you are completing a return online or offline, there is an information icon ('Form Help') in the top left hand corner of each screen. You can access information on the various fields that you are asked to complete on a particular screen by clicking on the icon. The guide Help text for completing a Stamp Duty return on ROS contains all the information you can access when you click on the icon.

These other help guides show you, through screenshots, how to: