Pay and file

How to prepare in advance

The following tips will help you prepare in advance for Pay and File.

Check that you can login to ROS now

You should login to Revenue Online Service (ROS) now to ensure that you can access ROS successfully. Please see the Issues logging into ROS section if you are having difficulties logging in.

If you get a prompt on login to renew your ROS digital certificate, please do so. Take note of your new password and follow the Save your digital certificate instructions to save your renewed certificate file.

If you are a new ROS User, please complete step 1 of the registration process: Apply for your RAN. You should allow at least five working days to complete the registration process. If you are already a myAccount user, you may be able to register for ROS more quickly.

Additional tips for Agents

Check your client listings in advance of the filing deadline to ensure that you have access to your clients’ accounts.

You can register and link clients using the eRegistration service on ROS. As it takes three working days for the link to update, please register clients well in advance of the deadline.

ROS Administrators should ensure that all sub-users have retrieved their digital certificates and have the necessary permissions to file returns and make payments.

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