Issues completing and submitting returns

Signing and submitting a return

Online return

If you get a blank screen when at 'Sign and submit'

Internet Explorer has been retired by Microsoft and is no longer compatible with ROS.

If you are using Internet Explorer, please change to a supported browser by following the guide  How to load your ROS digital certificate into a new web browser.

More information on supported browsers is available in the ROS System Requirements.

MS error 

If you get an MS error code (for example, MS01-123456879123546) when you sign and submit a return prepared online:

  • Please check your Revenue Record to see if the return went through.
  • Do not attempt to resubmit the return until you have checked that it was not received.
  • Resubmitting the return may create duplicate submissions, payments or both.
  • If the error persists, submit a MyEnquiry to the ROS Technical Helpdesk. Please include the return details – return type, period and a screenshot of the error message.

Offline return

If you get an MS error code (for example, MS01-123456879123546) when you sign and submit a return prepared offline you could:

  • Try submitting the return again.
  • You can validate your file using our File Format Test Facility.
  • If the error persists, submit a MyEnquiry to the ROS Technical Helpdesk. Please attach the file you are uploading and a screenshot of the error message.

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