UCC- Automated Import System (AIS)

UCC - Upgraded AIS (V2) and Centralised Clearance Phase 1 and 2 (Trader Guides) going live June 2024

This page provides software providers and traders with documentation and guides on how to set up their IT systems. This will allow them to interact with Revenue’s Import System.

UCC - Revised Annex B

The Revised Annex B along with EUCDM forms the basis for every customs declaration. It defines how to complete a declaration and outlines the specifications required for IT systems. The documentation provided below is based on the Union Customs Code (UCC) and the EUCDM. The messages are mapped to the EUCDM with some minor deviations to allow for national requirements, these deviations are detailed in the documents below.

Technical Documents and Schemas

These are the documents and their associated schemas specifying the technical details for all XML messages to be sent to the customs import system. Find out more on ROS Web Service technical documents.

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