Foreign property

Foreign Capital Gains Tax (CGT) relief

If you dispose of a foreign property you may have to pay CGT in the country that the property is in.

Depending on your residence and domicile status you may also have to pay Irish CGT.

You might be able to deduct some, or all, of the foreign CGT, you paid when you calculate how much Irish CGT you owe.

How much can you deduct?

The amount you can deduct depends on whether Ireland has a Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) with the country that your property is in. 

If Ireland does not have a DTA that covers CGT you can claim a deduction for the foreign CGT paid.


You might pay more foreign CGT than Irish CGT. If you do, you can only claim a credit up to the amount of Irish CGT that you owe.

You can deduct a personal exemption of €1,270 when calculating the amount of Irish CGT that you owe.