A guide to self-assessment

Who should register for Income Tax self-assessment?

You should register for Income Tax self-assessment if:

  • you are self-employed
  • your only, or main, source of income is:
  • or
  • you have profited from share options or share incentives.

You must register for self-assessment if:

  • your taxable non-PAYE income exceeds €5,000
  • or
  • your gross non-PAYE income exceeds €30,000.


Your non-PAYE income can be taxed by adjusting your Income Tax credits and standard rate cut-off point (called "coding") if the amounts do not exceed the above amounts. To declare your non-PAYE income, you must submit a Form 12 online through 'PAYE Services' in myAccount.

You can register for self-assessment by using the eRegistration service or completing part A and part B of Form TR1.

You can deregister for Income Tax self-assessment by filling out a TRCN1 form

To deregister for Income Tax self-assessment on Revenue Online Service (ROS), you need to:

  1. Sign in to ROS.
  2. Under the 'Other Services' section, click 'Manage Tax Registrations'.
  3. Click "Cease Registration" for Income Tax.
  4. Complete the "Cease Registration-Income Tax" screen.
  5. Click "Add to your Requests".
  6. Click the "Submit" button to proceed.
  7. Enter your ROS password then and click "Sign and Submit".

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