Registering for tax


The eRegistration service allows customers and agents to manage their registrations online. Through eRegistration you can cancel your active registration for taxes and re-register for these taxes.

How to access the service

If you are registering for Income Tax only, you can access the service in myAccount through ‘Manage My Record’ and ‘Tax Registrations’.

If you access the service using Revenue Online Service (ROS) you can register for:


If you are registered for myAccount, it is possible to access a faster ‘Register for ROS’ option. This is for new ROS customers and is on the ‘Manage My Record’ card in myAccount.

Customers not eligible for eRegistration

Certain customers are not eligible for eRegistration. These are:

  • individuals currently not eligible to register for myAccount or ROS
  • non-assessable spouses
  • companies that have no Irish-resident directors
  • unincorporated bodies and non-profit organisations (for example schools, boards of management, charities) who are not represented by an agent
  • executors
  • collection agents.

If you are not eligible for eRegistration, you must complete one of the following forms and submit it to Revenue:

  • Form TR1 for resident customers, partnerships, trusts and unincorporated bodies.
  • Form TR1 (FT) for non-resident customers, partnerships, trusts and unincorporated bodies.
  • Form TR2 for resident companies registering for tax in Ireland.
  • Form TR2 (FT) for non-resident companies registering for tax in Ireland.

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