Starting and running a business

Do you need a tax agent?

It is not necessary to have a tax agent. However, it is not unusual for a new business to use a tax agent during its start-up period. An agent can advise you and submit returns on your behalf. An agent will also have access to your Revenue Online Services (ROS) account. 

Should you tell Revenue that you have a tax agent?

If you want your tax agent to have access to your tax record, you must tell Revenue. You must complete an Agent link notification and send it to your Revenue office. You must include your Tax Reference Number and your tax agent’s Tax Advisor Identification Number (TAIN) on the notification. This form allows Revenue to link your tax record to your agent, which lets your agent act on your behalf. 

Should you tell Revenue if you stop using a tax agent?

You must tell Revenue if you stop using a tax agent. If you do not, the tax agent will continue to have access to your tax record. 

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