Revenue eBrief No. 107/20

09 June 2020

ROS Form CT1 2020 - the CT return for accounting periods ending in 2020

Form CT1 2020, the CT return for accounting periods ending in 2020, is available for filing since April 2020. 

The updates in the 2020 Form CT1, including updated and mandatory questions, are summarised in Tax & Duty Manual 38-02-01E. The panels which have been updated are:

  • Company Details
  • Trading Results
  • Extracts from Accounts
  • Irish Investment and Other Income
  • Capital Gains
  • Research and Development Credit
  • Dividend Withholding Tax.

The Tax & Duty Manuals for the Forms CT1 have been reorganised and renumbered to follow sequentially. Tax & Duty Manual 38-02-01 now contains general information on how to access help in completing the ROS Form CT1. Each year's Form CT1 has its own manual (38-02-01A to 38-02-01E), linked to the main manual.