Farmers and the Flat-rate Scheme

The flat-rate addition

The flat-rate addition is a percentage amount that unregistered farmers add to their price when supplying:

  • agricultural produce
  • or
  • agricultural services

to a Value-Added Tax (VAT) registered business.

The flat-rate addition is calculated as a percentage of the amount payable to the flat-rate farmer for their supplies.

The VAT-registered business treats the flat-rate addition in the same way as normal input VAT. It includes the amount as a VAT deduction on its VAT return.

The flat-rate addition is not payable to a flat-rate farmer in respect of supplies of goods or services to another flat-rate farmer.

Further guidance contains more detailed information on the Flat-rate Scheme for farmers.

Further information on the percentage rate of flat-rate addition can be found in Related topics.

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