Manufacturer's Licence


A Manufacturer’s Licence allows manufacturing of the liquor to which it refers. It also allows wholesale of the manufactured liquor from the manufacturing premises.  

This licence is required by brewers, cider manufacturers, distillers, rectifiers or compounders and sweets makers.

Manufacturer's Licence categories are:

  • Manufacturer's Licence - Brewer
  • Manufacturer's Licence - Cider Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer's Licence - Compounder of Spirits
  • Manufacturer's Licence - Distiller of Spirits
  • Manufacturer's Licence - Rectifier of Spirits
  • Manufacturer's Licence - Sweets Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer’s Licence – Methylated Spirits
  • Licence to Manufacturer or Wholesale Chemist & Druggist to sell Spirits.

The licensing period is from 1 October to 30 September.

This licence will expire on 30 September each year regardless of the issue date. 

The cost for each of these licences is €500 every year. 

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