Drug and tobacco smuggling

Customs drugs law enforcement

Revenue officers have the primary responsibility for the prevention, detection, interception and seizure of controlled drugs being smuggled into or out of Ireland. They are based at strategic points of entry to the State and report to their managers. These managers in turn report and receive drug related intelligence from Investigations and Prosecutions Division.

All of the strategic management functions relating to drugs issues are based in:

Customs Drugs Law Enforcement
Office of the Revenue Commissioners
Investigations and Prosecutions Division
Block D
Dublin 15
D15 XKP4. 

These functions include:

  • gathering of national and international intelligence and the dissemination of this intelligence as necessary
  • management of the customs and Garda liaison functions
  • participation in the National Inter-Agency Drugs Joint Task Force
  • analysis of national and international drug smuggling trends
  • research, planning and organisation of both national and international operations targeting drug smuggling and related issues
  • liaison with other national and international enforcement agencies and Government bodies
  • organisation and participation of operations at both national and international level, including joint inter-agency operations
  • management of our Customs Drugs Watch Programme
  • management of our Drug Precursor Programme.

Drug related cash detained by Revenue

The majority of drug related cash seizures are made when attempts are made to export money from the State. Seizures are also made at import and inland. Cash seizures continue to have a major impact on the activities of both national and international drug traffickers.

Investigations are carried out throughout the European Union and worldwide following a drug related cash seizure. Seized cash is transferred to the Exchequer for the benefit of the State.

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