Entry in the Declarant's Records (EIDR) - import

Entry in the Declarant's Records (EIDR) is a simplified procedure. Under this procedure, an economic operator may be authorised to enter certain goods to the customs import procedure at their premises or another approved location.

The particulars must be at the disposal of the customs authorities at the time when the declaration is lodged. The declaration must contain the minimum required data elements.

The authorisation may waive the obligation for the goods to be presented. The goods are deemed to have been released at the moment of entry in the declarant’s records.

The supplementary declaration containing the required data elements is lodged after the goods have been released. There are circumstances where the supplementary declaration may be waived.

The declaration entered in the declarant’s records, and the supplementary declaration, shall be deemed to constitute a single, indivisible instrument. This instrument takes effect on the date on which the goods are entered in the declarant’s records.

In order to obtain an authorisation for Entry in the Declarant's Records you must:

  • have a record of compliance with Revenue
  • and
  • be an Authorised Economic Operator.

Prohibited or restricted goods are not eligible for the simplified declaration at import.

A control plan will be drafted specific to the economic operator.

This is a new facilitation introduced under the Union Customs Code(UCC).

Further information

If you need further information, you should contact the Simplifications and Compliance Unit.