Temporary admission of personal effects and goods for sports purposes

  1. Overview
  2. How to import and re-export your goods
  3. Examples of personal effects and goods imported for sports purposes

Examples of personal effects and goods imported for sports purposes

Travellers' personal effects

  • clothing
  • toilet articles
  • personal jewellery
  • still and motion picture cameras, plus a reasonable quantity of film and accessories
  • portable slide or film projectors and accessories, together with a reasonable quantity of slides or films
  • video cameras and portable video recorders, with a reasonable quantity of tapes
  • portable musical instruments
  • portable gramophones, with records
  • portable sound recorders and reproducers (including dictating machines), with tapes
  • portable radio receivers
  • portable television sets
  • portable typewriters
  • portable calculators
  • portable personal computers
  • binoculars
  • prams
  • wheelchairs for invalids
  • sports equipment such as tents and other camping equipment, fishing equipment, climbing equipment, diving equipment, sporting firearms with ammunition, non-motorised bicycles, canoes or kayaks less than 5.5 metres long, skis, tennis racquets, surfboards, windsurfers, hang gliders and delta wings, golfing equipment
  • portable dialysis and similar medical apparatus, plus the disposable items imported for use with them
  • and
  • other articles clearly of a personal nature.

Goods imported for sports purposes

  • track and field equipment such as:
    • hurdles
    • javelins
    • discuses
    • poles
    • shot
    • or
    • hammers.
  • ball game equipment such as:
    • balls of any kind
    • racquets, mallets, clubs, sticks and suchlike
    • nets of any kind
    • or
    • goalposts.
  • winter sports equipment such as:
    • skis and sticks
    • skates
    • bobsleighs
    • or
    • curling equipment.
  • sportswear such as:
    • shoes
    • gloves
    • headgear and suchlike, of any kind.
  • water sports equipment such as:
    • canoes and kayaks
    • sail and row boats
    • sails, oars and paddles
    • or
    • surf boards and sails.
  • motor vehicles and craft such as:
    • cars
    • motor bicycles
    • or
    • motor boats.
  • equipment for miscellaneous events such as:
    • sports arms and ammunition
    • non-motorised bicycles
    • archers' bows and arrows
    • fencing equipment
    • gymnastics equipment
    • compasses
    • wrestling mats and tatamis
    • weight lifting equipment
    • riding equipment and sulkies
    • hang gliders, delta wings and windsurfers
    • climbing equipment
    • or
    • music cassettes to accompany the performance.
  • auxiliary equipment such as:
    • measuring and score display equipment
    • or
    • blood and urine test apparatus.

Further information

If you require further information, please contact the Authorisations and Reliefs Unit.