How to submit a PAYE Income Tax Return

How you will receive a refund, if due

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If your Statement of Liability shows you have overpaid any Income Tax or Universal Social Charge (USC), you will be due a refund. Your refund will be transferred directly to the bank account details on your Revenue record within three to five working days. It is important to check that your bank account details are correct. You can review and provide your bank details in:

  • ‘My Profile’ within myAccount
  • or
  • when you are completing your Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Income Tax Return.

Otherwise, you will receive a cheque by post.


Details of data protection policy and information are outlined in our Data protection section.

Refund for jointly assessed couples

If you are jointly assessed, any refunds will be paid to each person in proportion to the amount of tax each has paid.

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