Deeds of Covenant

Making a Deed of Covenant

To make a Deed of Covenant to another person you must complete the Deed of Covenant Form for individuals. Otherwise, you may consult a professional adviser such as an accountant or a solicitor.

You must complete the deed before you make any payments. Payments you make before the deed is made, or after it ends, cannot be treated as payments under the deed.

You cannot backdate a deed. A deed is only effective from the date it is made.

A deed you make must last for more than six years. You must make sure you can make all of the payments before the deed ends.

Your payments must be paid on the dates stated and for the amounts specified in the deed. You cannot change the frequency or amount of the payments during the period of the deed.

You must not receive any benefit in return for paying amounts under the Deed of Covenant.

If you are the beneficiary, you must have a Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) to receive the payments. If you do not have one, you can apply for a PPSN by contacting your Intreo office.

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