Local Property Tax (LPT) liability

Your Revenue property record

If you are liable for Local Property Tax (LPT), you should have a Revenue property record.

Revenue assigns a unique Property ID to each residential property for LPT purposes. Every person liable for LPT is also assigned a PIN.

To access your property record, you can use your existing login details for myAccount or Revenue Online Service (ROS).

Alternatively, you can log in directly to the LPT online service. You will need your:

Your Property ID and PIN are contained on all LPT correspondence from Revenue.

If you do not have your Property ID and PIN, you can request that they be sent to you through the LPT online service.

Registering a property for LPT

You must register your property with Revenue if it has not previously been registered for LPT or Stamp Duty. 

For further information, please see Register a property for Local Property Tax (LPT).

'W' Personal Public Service Numbers (PPSNs)

Historically, on marriage, a wife assumed her husband's PPSN with the letter 'W' added to the end. For example, if a husband's PPSN was 1234567A, his wife would have been assigned 1234567AW when they got married.

This practice ceased in the 1990s. However, some existing 'W' numbers in use at that time continue to be used today. If you have a ‘W’ PPSN, you will need to get a replacement for LPT purposes. For further information, please Personal Public Service Number (PPSN)

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