Real Time Credits

How to check the progress of your receipts

You can check the progress of your uploaded receipts in the Receipts Tracker in myAccount. The status is displayed in the View Receipts screen of myAccount. The different status for each receipt is:

  • ‘Claimed’ - you have made a claim against this expense which has now been processed. You will receive an amended Tax Credit Certificate (TCC) in respect of this claim.
  • ‘Not claimed’ - you have not made a claim against this expense.
  • ‘Pending’- your uploaded receipts are currently being reviewed by Revenue.
  • ‘Rejected’ - your uploaded receipts have been rejected by Revenue. Contact Revenue to check why your receipts have been rejected.
  • ‘Awaiting third party refund amount’ - you have indicated that you are due, or have received, a refund from a third party for this expense. You will need to confirm the amount of the refund before you can proceed with a claim for this expense.

You can also view the status of your submitted receipts through the ‘Manage your tax’ section of myAccount.

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