Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Income Tax Returns

All PAYE taxpayers should complete and submit an Income Tax Return each year. You need to complete an Income Tax Return to:

You can do this by using our online services in myAccount. If you are not registered for myAccount, you can log in using your verified MyGovID account.

How to check if you are due a refund

You can see if you are due a refund by checking your Preliminary End of Year Statement in myAccount. Your statement will show details of your tax position for a particular year. This is based on information held on your Revenue record. 

If you have not paid Income Tax or Universal Social Charge (USC) in the year under review, you will not be due a refund.

How to receive your Income Tax refund

To receive your refund, you need to complete and submit an Income Tax Return in myAccount. Refunds, if due, will be paid into the bank account on your record in ‘My Profile’ within myAccount. Please ensure your bank details are correct. If you have not registered your bank account details, you will receive a cheque by post.

How to check if you owe Revenue money

To check if you owe Revenue money, you need to complete and submit an Income Tax Return in myAccount.

There are a number of reasons why you may have underpaid Income Tax or USC. For further information, please see reasons for an underpayment.

How to make a payment to Revenue

Revenue can collect what you owe by reducing your future tax credits over a maximum period of four years. This will minimise any potential hardship. See examples of how this reduction of credits will work.

Alternatively, you can make a full, or partial, payment to Revenue by using myAccount.

You can discuss payment options to suit your personal circumstances by contacting Revenue through My Enquiries. For further information, please see How to settle underpayments

Claiming additional tax credits

You can claim additional tax credits that you may be entitled to, for example, health expenses or remote working expenses. To claim credits, you will need to complete and submit an Income Tax Return through myAccount. Any additional information you provide may impact your final Income Tax position.

Additional help

Watch this video to help you complete your Income Tax Returns. If you need further assistance, please contact us through our safe and secure communications portal My Enquiries in myAccount. Please use the reference ‘PEOYR’ on your enquiry.